Monday, December 27, 2010

Yves Saint Laurent ring

Checked out Mode D'amour blog last night, I couldn't help feeling so jealous with Annamieke about the YSL ring from her boyfriend.
What a beautiful Christmas present!

I would love one for myself, with the blue stone (Annemieke's has a pink stone).


P.S: I went Christmas shopping with room mates today and luckily found some very nice knits. Will try to take photos and make a post soon.

{ Happy Boxing Day }

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas xoxo





EMSEDGE is so very my taste. She is cool, energetic, creative, stylish, varied, and effortless. I am really glad I found her blog, though the blog is not in English. And YES, she's a big fan of Brown (the color), like me!

Check out her blog at:

Festive Looks with ASOS

I was shopping online on ASOS, and found beautiful SALE items on the website. ASOS SALE has never impressed me this much, to be honest (well I mean the style and quality, not the price). So I'm sure you don't want to miss this chance. Go, girls!

The below looks are ONLY with items that are under 20 quids. I'm actually considering getting myself some nice Christmas presents now. *heart*

Hope you'll enjoy this lookbook (which is the first one I post on this blog so far). This is definitely for fans of cardigans, knits, oversized shirts, ankle boots/socks, skinny jeans/leggings, with colors i.e beige, denim, black&white, khakis... [ I bet one of my housemates will love this. * wink* *wink* @her if she's reading this now. ]

Utility Cropped Cardigan/Khakis

Cowl Back Cardigan

Belted Chunky Wrap

White Suedette Patch Leggings

Vila Bazel Skinny Leg Jeans

Jersey Insert Skinny Jeans in the style of Cheryl Cole

Flocking Leggings


Braces Trousers in the style of Alexa Chung

Merry Christmas!



Monday, December 13, 2010


Sau khi (lại) cãi nhau với bạn Tèo một trận tưng bừng (tổng cộng mình đã dùng khoảng 10 lần từ "ngu" và rất nhiều chỗ IN HOA), giờ mình nằm trên giường chờ xem Two And A Half Men. Lúc nãy restart lại máy không biết làm gì thế là ngắm em Mac nhấp nháy... hình trái táo, dễ thương ghê. Vậy là nhớ tới bạn Luke. Em Mac này bạn Luke mua dùm mình, rồi ôm từ bờ biển bên kia qua tới bên này trao tận tay mình, dạy mình sử dụng, cài một số thứ hay ho, v.v... Ngoài em Mac ra, còn nhiều thứ khác nhờ bạn Luke mà mình biết/có. Và những cái ta biết/có tức là của ta. Ở đời cái thuộc về mình không nhiều, nên phải quí.
Mình biết ơn bạn Luke có lẽ đến hết đời.
Tự nhiên mình nghĩ... tiếc là đó không phải tình yêu (phải không ta?).

Bạn Tèo là người làm cho mình thực sự thích guitar. Không phải thích chỉ để nghe mà để biết, để học sao cho chơi được. Mình yêu em guitar đang tựa tường bên cạnh chỗ mình nằm hình như không kém em Mac bao nhiêu. Ôm em trong lòng tự nhiên thấy vui, thấy có bạn, dù là ở 1 mình. Bạn Tèo là một trong rất ít những người có thể ảnh hưởng đến âm nhạc mình nghe. Mình khó tính, không phải ai nghe gì mình cũng nghe được.
Bạn Tèo và mình (cũng) gặp nhau hơi bị thường xuyên.
Và lần nào gặp cũng tranh cãi, sinh sự.
Và sau tất cả các lần cãi nhau thì vẫn không ghét nhau được.

Mình đang nghĩ, những mối quan hệ êm đẹp không sóng gió mà mình đã có thì không để lại kỉ niệm đặc biệt nào, trong khi đó ngày xưa mình với bạn Luke cũng cãi nhau nảy lửa và bây giờ thì xung quanh mình những thứ liên quan đến bạn ấy có rất nhiều (em Mac, đĩa than, files nhạc mp3 trong máy, chai nước hoa Woman...). Mình đang nghĩ, liệu có thiệt là những người làm ta điên tiết nhất chính là những người gần ta nhất, yêu thương ta nhất (dù không mãi mãi, mà chỉ trong một thời điểm đó thôi). Mình đang nghĩ, chả lẽ "thương nhau lắm cắn nhau đau" thiệt sao?


Just having a(nother) fight with Teo (well, it was a fight because I said/wanted to say the word "stupid" about 10 times, and there were a couple of times in which I wrote in CAPITALS), now I'm lying in bed waiting for Two And A Half Men. Earlier when restarting my laptop, I happened to be admiring the beauty of my babyMac, with "her" apple-shaped backlight. Watching "her" made me think about my friend Luke. He bought "her" for me and brought "her" all over here from the other side of the ocean. He then taught me how to use Mac (I had always been a PC user =.=), imported useful stuff, etc. Besides my babyMac, there are other things that thanks to him I now know/have. Things that I feel especially grateful for knowing/having, cause they mean so much to me.
I can't thank Luke enough.
Suddenly I'm wondering... what if it had been love?

Teo introduced me to guitar. Not just for me to enjoy watching him play (it had happened many times so it wouldn't have been anything much), somehow he made me want to touch and learn to play the guitar by myself. I am in love with his guitar (which is beside the bed where I'm lying now). My room is tiny so I left it in my housemate's but I couldn't stand being away from it so after one night - she's back. Yes, it's a "she" in Italian. Every time I hold "her" in my arms, I feel love, and company. I know it sounds weird, but the feeling is real.
There're very few people whose taste of music I do trust. And Teo is among them. I'm too picky when it comes to music (well, I'm a picky person in general also anyway), most of the times I disappointed my friends when they tried to share music they liked. It just happens to be different with Teo.
We meet (maybe) too often.
And we fight almost everytime we meet.
Thing is we never end up feeling hated after the fights.

Suddenly I'm wondering, how come the smoothest relationships aren't ones that brought me happiest memories? How come I used to have as many fights with Luke as I'm having now with Teo yet the things that are from him and that are so much loved by me are all around me now (my Mac, the records, lots of mp3 files in my hard drive, Woman the fragrance made in the US)? Suddenly I'm wondering, how come people who've been driving me crazy(iest) seem to be ones I feel closest to, and have had such memories with? Suddenly I'm wondering, do we have to hurt/be hurt to love/be loved?


Illustration by Jim Benton

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sex which makes sense.

Today's post is taken from Simone's blog at, "Making Sex Make Sense". A guy friend of mine from Austria and I had a chat, we ended up discussing around the topic of sex, just like any "good conversation" between friends would. It reminded me of Simone's post I had read a few weeks ago. So I can't help but sharing a part of it on my blog. The part that makes great sense.

Have you ever met someone that you have been, instantly, insanely, attracted to? Yeah, that's #8. We met on the eve of my 21st birthday at a bar I used to go to. One minute we're dancing together, the next we're pressed up against the packed bar, making out passionately, his hands reaching up under my skirt.

him: "Can I take you home?"
me: "I'm not that kind of girl. I don't do those kinds of things"
him: "Ok, well do you want to come outside and have a cigarette with me?"

So, I followed him outside into the alley adjacent to the bar. He never ended up smoking the cigarette. Instead, the kissing continued. Then he kneels down, pulls my underwear down & begins going down on me, while my back is pressed up on the graffitied wall of the alleyway. Barely Concealed by the darkness from the passers by on Queen St: ORGASM. It was totally sleazy & inappropriate & hot.

him: "Can I take you home now?"
me: "No. How about this: I'll take YOU home. My turf. My rules. And I'm NOT sleeping with you"

We spent the next four hours in my bed, mostly with his heads between my legs.

I counted the orgasms 6....7....8..........9

(where did he learn to do this?!)

When the clock struck 6 am, he resurfaced for air. Out of breath & exhausted I said to him:


We finally had sex. We came together as the sun rose over Toronto.

I was THAT KIND OF GIRL after all.



(Skinny Dip)


And now I'm wondering if the sex is "BAD" when his head never gets in between my legs???

Sunday, April 11, 2010

to: Alexander

[ Please play the link when you read this. ]

This clip and its background music made me think about you | Made me think about how I wanted to touch someone's skin to feel their soul | with this soul-linking sound running all over me | Made me think about how I wanted you to be that someone | Made me think about how I thought you might be | Made me think about how hesitant I was before writing you the long message | on Skype | Made me think about you never responded | Made me think about your softest hair | Made me think about your tough attitude | Made me think about your sweet spoken words | Made me think about your bitter silence | Made me think about how fragile I was | Made me think about how fragile we both are | Made me think about the shining stars | Made me think about soulmate-ship | Made me think about the winter (which is) over | Made me think about the flowers (that are) blooming | Made me think about your name | Made me think about mine | Made me think about smile | About sharing | About forget | And remember.

Farewell, my sleeping soulmate!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


He had the softest hair I've ever touched. And his touch was the gentlest I've ever had.

[He read Haruki Murakami. He made me listen to Passacaglia, again and again.]

His smile was always sad. His sadness was always smiling at me.

[He quoted "AWESOMENESS" while what he felt was LONELINESS.]

His heart was broken I can see. And what I see broke my heart.