Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Girls' talks, peeing, long dresses, and... Rome

A funny story:

...a friend of mine was telling me that she lived in Rome when she was a teenager, and she had this really fabulous friend who wore long dresses, of the sort that were really popular at the time. Anyway, this girl was on a date and was too modest to tell the guy that she had to go to the bathroom—and she didn’t want to interrupt the flirtation—so she just peed as she walked down the street. My friend asked her, “Well, weren’t you afraid that he would smell the pee?” And the fabulous Italian girl said, “No, all of Rome smells like pee.”[both laugh]

Interview Magazine
Michelle Williams, by Vendela Vida

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hurts - How I Get Dressed

Being an anti-fan of the British accent, don't know why I found these voices so charming and sexy. Could it be because of what they were talking about, and not the sound they made?

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

While I Shovel the Snow

This beautiful song by The Walkmen just touched my heart...
I miss you, Snow!

Friday, February 18, 2011


Photo: Carolines Mode

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Is the year when it "launched" the presence of the attractive young men that I know (personally or not). And I've just realised they all have remarkable sense of music. What a coincidence.

Monday, February 14, 2011


~ LOVE in my pocket ~

I saw Valentine's Day being called "V-Day" somewhere and all of a sudden felt (a little bit) flattered. Though I'm not a fan of Valentine's.

So, I decided to write something in order to make it real "V".

I had a dream last night. In which M was. He somehow turned out to be the relative of a family friend, her son-in-law or something. It's really complicated. Her husband had been with M's Mom before her, and she got pregnant with M. So M was not his (real) Dad's son, and he was half Vietnamese *rofl*. I wonder if it's because I took a few time before bed last night thinking about him that the dream was created. It just feels strange how related we were, in the imagined world of mine. I ran into him a lot. We talked. Nothing happened, we just talked. But we weren't far apart. He was always... at hand.

I realised the letter M is built of two "I" and one "V" in between *chuckle*.

I've just joined Fashiolista. I'm so gonna hit "" as many times as I can today to celebrate V-Day. Check the site out and join me!

Last but not least, the London Fashion Week shows will be on from 18 to 23 of February. Can't wait to see what these designers are bringing to us: sass & bide, Daks, Jaeger London, Issa London, Clements Ribeiro, Acne, Nicole Farhi, Vivien Westwood, Michael van der Ham, & many others. Too bad there's no Alexander Wang, I'm having a crush on him recently.



Photo by This chick's got style; Title by cap ou pas cap [?]

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Scandinavian faces

(Inspired by a blog post on This chick's got style)

"All good things come from Scandinavia", said This chick's got style. And I couldn't agree more. Scan-di-na-vi-a, it sounds like a floating cloud to me, so soft, so gentle, and a little bit mysterious. When it comes to fashion, that seems to be a perfect combination.

Cap Ou Pas Cap [?] is reviewing below some Scandinavian names that have made their way far outside their native land.

Swedish fashion designer Carin Rodebjer, Designer of the Year by Swedish ELLE Magazine in 2002 and 2005

and her dream-like collection

Styling Naomi Itkes
Hair Erika Svedjevik
Make-up Linda Ohrstrom
Model Josefin E

comtemporary meets retro - Spring/Summer 2011
[this beautiful collection is absolutely on my wishlist for SS2011]

Dannish model Victor Nylander, the new face for both Dior Homme and Versace SS2011, signed with Scoop and Ford Models

Hennes & Mauritz, known as H&M, Swedish retail-clothing company. Featured on so many fashion blogs and worn by millions of stylish women all over the world.

H&M Fall 2009 Ad Campaign with Sasha Pivovarova and Eniko Mihalik, shot byTerry Richardson