Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sex which makes sense.

Today's post is taken from Simone's blog at, "Making Sex Make Sense". A guy friend of mine from Austria and I had a chat, we ended up discussing around the topic of sex, just like any "good conversation" between friends would. It reminded me of Simone's post I had read a few weeks ago. So I can't help but sharing a part of it on my blog. The part that makes great sense.

Have you ever met someone that you have been, instantly, insanely, attracted to? Yeah, that's #8. We met on the eve of my 21st birthday at a bar I used to go to. One minute we're dancing together, the next we're pressed up against the packed bar, making out passionately, his hands reaching up under my skirt.

him: "Can I take you home?"
me: "I'm not that kind of girl. I don't do those kinds of things"
him: "Ok, well do you want to come outside and have a cigarette with me?"

So, I followed him outside into the alley adjacent to the bar. He never ended up smoking the cigarette. Instead, the kissing continued. Then he kneels down, pulls my underwear down & begins going down on me, while my back is pressed up on the graffitied wall of the alleyway. Barely Concealed by the darkness from the passers by on Queen St: ORGASM. It was totally sleazy & inappropriate & hot.

him: "Can I take you home now?"
me: "No. How about this: I'll take YOU home. My turf. My rules. And I'm NOT sleeping with you"

We spent the next four hours in my bed, mostly with his heads between my legs.

I counted the orgasms 6....7....8..........9

(where did he learn to do this?!)

When the clock struck 6 am, he resurfaced for air. Out of breath & exhausted I said to him:


We finally had sex. We came together as the sun rose over Toronto.

I was THAT KIND OF GIRL after all.



(Skinny Dip)


And now I'm wondering if the sex is "BAD" when his head never gets in between my legs???

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