Thursday, January 6, 2011

I ♥ Tobacco

Tobacco here is not for smokers only, it is for everyone, especially ones who are fans of beige.brown.& yellow.

Light shade - more yellow

Dark shade - more brown
[ & I LOVE the jumper!!! ]

This one is black&white - not tobacco
[ but it's too good to keep it off my blog ]

SALE on cap.ou.pas.cap[?]

I bought a vintage cape similar to this Jaeger London cape cardigan a few weeks ago (I will post photos of it when I've got the proper camera from my friend). Turns out it doesn't suit me (because of my height - yes it's a shame, I should have known capes aren't for small people, now lesson learnt). So, drop me a message if you're interested; I'll ship worldwide - it is £30 + shipping fee.

Photos: ASOS


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