Sunday, January 2, 2011

URBAN OUTFITTERS' "cool stuff"

My friend Chi from Germany shared a link of the Urban Outfitters red velvet dress on my Facebook wall, and just a few minutes later I found myself back in the situation I had wanted to get myself out of and had succeeded - online shopping. What can I say, Urban Outfitters knows cool stuff! & I have been checking out:

1. Sparkle & Fade Striped Leggings [ Zebra legs, COOL!!! :D ]

2. DIY Plastic Speakers [ Love the design, a bit concerned about the quality though. But they're SOKUTE! And look, you can write or draw on them with those non-permanent pens, awesome! ]

3. DIY Paper Speakers [ Classic look, "70% post consumer recycled materials", flat-foldable(!) ]

4. Vinyl Pockets Shower Curtain [ Naked photos of my boyfriend would be all over this curtain, I'm afraid! Ha! :P ]

5. Mr P Kiss Mug [ Look at that tiny penis! ^^ ]

Oh, and I found this on their CDs list, The Walkmen: Lisbon. [ So I guess "someone" who thinks/assumes people in the fashion industry are only into lame music and TV shows i.e Taylor Swift and Gossip Girls might want to change their mind cause my fashion blogger friends watch Mad Men (ha!) and The Walkmen is recommened by a fashion retailer website. ]

HAPPY 2011

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  1. even a broken clock is right twice a day