Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sorry! You're NOT on the list! # new Facebook friendlists settings

I've noticed that some of my friends on Facebook have set their friendlists on sidebar, with "categories". My attention absolutely goes to "top friends" or "close friends". Well, I wanted to see if I belong to those lists. Turns out a friend who I've known for seven years, used to be closeby when he was enduring one of the toughest times of his life, and have always been following and supportive to every steps he makes, has a list of "top friends" which includes about twenty faces, and I'm not among them. I totally don't take it as an offense to my feelings. This dude has so many friends (more than 2000). So I really don't expect to be in the "top friend" list. But, I just wish he, a person who has such many friends, and has been close to any of them at some point in this entire life, had not set his friendlists that way. It kind of reminds me of the V.I.P lists that most bars and restaurants hold, they know who's on their lists, and the people on the lists know that they are, but there is no point for the people who are not the list to be reminded, on documents, that they are not.
A sweet surprise is, a dude I'm friends with for only a few months now, includes me in his "close friends" list, among a couple of others. I am flattered. I even started to feel bad about the times I shouted at him for making mistakes (he knows I always love him though).
I just hope not any "normal" friend of his is writing a post like this on their blog right now.

cap ou pas cap [?]

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